Geology of the Marble Bar Paleoplacer Gold Project

The Marble Bar Paleoplacer Gold Project in Western Australia is one of two gold projects that collectively make up Novo Resource's Pilbara Paleoplacer Gold Project. Approximately 90% of the Marble Bar sub-basin, highlighted in darkened colors in the adjoining map, is under the control of a joint venture between Novo Resources (70%) and the Creasy Group (30%) outlined in yellow. The Marble Bar sub-basin, an erosional outlier of the Hammersley Basin, is approximately 60 kilometers north-south and up to 45 kilometers east-west.

The Marble Bar sub-basin is comprised of Archean Fortesque Group (FG) sedimentary and volcanic rocks up to 2 kilometers thick that rest unconformably on ancient igneous and metamorphic rock of the Pilbara craton. Gold-bearing conglomerate horizons (reefs) occurring at the basal unconformity were exploited by historic mines along the eastern margin of the Marble Bar sub-basin as early as the late 1800's. Gold-bearing reefs have also been reported from higher in the FG as interflow horizons between basalt flows of the Mt Roe Formation and in the Hardey Sandstone Formation near its top.

Novo is focused on exploring for gold-bearing reefs at the base of the FG and plans to undertake drill testing of several such targets in the near future. In addition, reconnaissance level exploration including stream sediment sampling is being undertaken to determine if additional gold-bearing reefs might be targeted higher in the FG.

Marble Bar Geology Rebuild