Mechanical Sorting

Novo commissioned the Steinert KSS 100F LIXT fine mechanical sorting facility in late 2021 initially adjacent to the Golden Eagle processing facility.

The sorter infrastructure, designed and constructed by OPS Screening and Crushing Equipment, is a fully modular and containerised turn-key plant deployable to any of Novo’s tenements in the future for testwork and potential large bulk sampling and processing. The sorter includes feed and product transfer conveyors, allowing the sorter to produce gold-bearing concentrates in a single pass for further upgrading or downstream processing.


Overview of the STEINERT KSS FLI XT

The Sorter is adjacent to the Golden Eagle processing facility area and has the culmination of several years of test work conducted by Novo to determine the amenability of mechanical sorting to its 10,500 sq km of tenements across Western Australia. Mechanical sensor-based sorting utilises x-ray technology, 3D colour laser, and metal induction to identify gold-bearing material. A high-pressure air jet ‘shoots’ these gold bearing particles into a collection system to produce a concentrate for further downstream processing.