Ronan Sabo-Walsh

Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Mr Sabo-Walsh has over 12 years’ experience in corporate finance. He was employed by a full-service merchant bank providing ongoing financial and back-office support to public companies and served as the Chief Financial Officer of a mineral exploration company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange prior to joining Novo. Mr Sabo-Walsh has extensive experience with public listings, merger transactions, and public company management, with a focus on natural resources.

Mr Sabo-Walsh holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in finance from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Kas De Luca

General Manager- Exploration

Mrs De Luca has an extensive career in exploration and mining spanning more than 30 years. She joined Novo Resources most recently from Newcrest Mining Limited where she held the role of Regional Exploration Manager, Asia Pacific. In this role she was responsible for strategic planning, project management and generative portfolios. Prior to her stint at Newcrest, she worked for a number of domestic and international mining and exploration companies including Dundee Precious Metals, Thani-Ashanti, Placer Dome, and KCGM, and was also one of the founding directors of successful specialist geological consultancy Jigsaw Geoscience.

Mrs De Luca is a highly qualified exploration specialist with excellent technical, business, and people skills and with a record of effectively establishing and managing high performance teams to success in both near-mine and greenfield environments.

Christopher Goti

General Manager- Environment & Heritage

Mr Goti is an environmental management professional managing the environmental and land access portfolio for Novo Resources since 2017. Mr Goti has over 10 years of experience in managing environmental approvals, operational compliance and Native Title considerations for West Australian gold mining operations.

Prior to joining Novo in 2017, he managed the environmental department at Millennium Minerals Ltd for 4 years.

Mr Goti holds a degree in MSc Environmental Management and BSc (Hons) Environmental Science.